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Tacktick add new Dual Display to their Maxi racing range

16 October 2007

Wireless electronics experts, Tacktick will be launching the new dual-digital display as part of their top-end Maxi racing instrument range at Mets in November 2007.

The new Maxi range uses Tacktick’s proven wireless technology to give large race boats the most versatile, flexible and light weight racing electronics package on the market.
Being launched at Mets, the new Dual Maxi Display displays two lines of data in 32cm digits to give excellent wide angle viewing options and offers a choice of backlighting colours for maximum clarity at night.

The Maxi range offers an impressive array of innovative features including a new start line function that tells racers to speed up or slow down as they approach the start line, a crucial tool for optimising starts. The displays use high contract LCD screens with super-large digits to give maximum clarity. With no wires to run through the boat or up the mast and super-thin, lightweight displays, Tacktick’s instruments offer the most weight efficient package for race boat owners.

The Maxi range comes with many sophisticated features including the highly responsive Line Bias, Wind Shift and Timer functions, indicators for acceleration and speed trends, plus advanced Set, Drift, Turn, and Course to Steer functions; which provide exceptional advantages in tidal waters. For ease of use the instruments have an ‘Auto Leg’ function which automatically displays the relevant information for each leg of the course.

As with all Tacktick instruments the displays are capable of receiving and displaying all forms of data wirelessly: from polar data, true wind speed, VMG and compass headings to speed, depth and wind, SOG, COG and navigational data. Both the new Dual Maxi and the Maxi displays can be controlled and configured from anywhere on the boat using Tacktick’s Remote Display.

For boats not currently racing with Tacktick Wireless systems, the new Tacktick Maxi display can interface with a wide variety of equipment including Raymarine, B & G and Simrad enabling lightweight; easy to fit and easy to use additional displays for data management.

Tactician John den Engelsman, from DRS.X this year’s X35 world champion, commented, “We were very impressed by the accuracy of the instruments together with their ease of use and ultra clear displays; these instruments are ideal for boats such as X35’s where clear, fast, accurate data in the most lightweight instrument package is the critical factor for owners that want that winning edge.”

With single displays starting at £599.95 inc VAT, the new Tacktick Maxi range is the most competitive race boat package on the market. For a complete wireless racing package Tacktick also produce a wireless Vertical Wind Transmitter, elevating the wind sensor by 1.35m to enable accurate TWS and TWA readings as well as a wireless mast rotation unit for rotating rigs. Find out more by visiting the Tacktick stand at Mets 03.301.

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