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Simrad GB40 Glass Bridge System combines Powerful Navigation, Safety & Entertainment Functions with Flexible Installation for Mid-Sized Power and Sailing Yachts

1 February 2008

Navico has unveiled the latest breakthrough in advanced Glass Bridge navigation systems. The new Simrad GB40 Glass Bridge delivers professional-grade power, functionality and robust reliability in a system specially engineered for vessels in the 35 to 75 foot range.

simrad-gb40-glassbridge.jpgAt the heart of the GB40 is a compact, yet powerful “below dash” NavComputer, which comes pre-loaded with global C-Map MAX Pro cartography (purchase of a regional chart unlock code is required). The speed and power of the GB40’s dedicated processor literally opens up a world of navigational possibilities, beginning with a variety of sophisticated MAX Pro chart presentations. These include 3D presentations of bathymetric sea floor data, land elevation data and satellite photography that can be combined in a realistic Virtual Earth display. This feature gives navigators an unprecedented view of the environment around, above and below their vessels, greatly improving safety and situational awareness. Other key charting functions include Perspective View (a “bird’s eye” view of the chart display), Dynamic Current Predictions and NavRef aerial photos of harbours and inlets.

The modular design of the GB40 allows boaters to create the best system for their vessel and requirements, beginning with the addition of a high-power (600W or 1kW) dual-frequency echo sounder. Adding a sounder module and a wide range of available transducers makes the GB40 a powerful tool for serious ocean fishermen. Additionally, no comparable system for vessels of this size can match the GB40’s range of professional Simrad radar options — from 2kW radome units to powerful 25kW open array systems.

Three different Glass Bridge displays are available, to create the ideal command station for any vessel. The GB40 can be configured with 10.4-inch, 15-inch or 19-inch flat-panel TFT high-resolution colour displays, each designed to maximise active viewing area. All functions of the GB40 are easily accessed and controlled using the system’s OP30 Operation Unit. This compact control pad is can be mounted on the dash or built into the pilot chair armrest, for the ultimate in control. This allows GB40 monitors to be surface mounted or rear flush mounted into the helm station, for an attractive Glass Bridge layout that complements any vessel. Bracket mounting is also an option.

Each GB40 NavComputer includes two DVI monitor ports, allowing an additional DVI or VGA slave monitor to be connected to the second DVI port. Networked GB40 navigation computers can be added for multi-display operation, further enhancing the flexibility of the system.

Boaters can add a wide range of important extras to the GB40 to create an all-in-one navigation, information and entertainment centre on the bridge. On-deck, engine room and even underwater cameras let you monitor what’s going on and increase safety on the water. Add an optional CD/DVD drive to enjoy music or watch a movie on one of the GB40’s high-resolution, daylight viewable monitors. The plug-and-play capabilities of Simrad’s NMEA-2000®-based SimNet data sharing network reduces installation time and simplifies initial set up. SimNet enables monitoring of vital engine data on the GB40 and makes it easy to interface with Simrad autopilots and instruments. The award-winning, SimNet-based WR20 RemoteCommander lets boaters wirelessly monitor data from the GB40 and make full 25W VHF calls via compatible Simrad fixed mount VHF radios.

Navigators can also interface the GB40 with the new Simrad AI50 Class B AIS (Automatic Identification System). This system helps recreational vessels identify other AIS equipped vessels and determine important information such as vessel type, course, speed, heading and rate of turn, time to closest approach and closest point of approach. Having this information overlaid on the GB40’s large and detailed chart displays will enhance awareness and safety when navigating crowded waterways or regions with heavy commercial traffic. The GB40 is also compatible with the Sirius Weather Receiver, providing real-time satellite weather information overlaid onto the chart display (U.S. and Canada only).

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