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‘C-FORECAST’ An upgrade to the C-Map PC Planner, which now incorporates free weather data

18 February 2009

Marine Electronic Services Ltd have recently upgraded the popular C-Map PC Planner software to incorporate free weather data, now called C-Forecast.  PC Planner had previously allowed C-Map cartridge users to view their cartography on their home PC, manage new or existing routes and waypoints and plan their passages in the comfort of their armchair. 

The new feature adds weather – detailed global weather data incorporating temperature, swell, visibility, wind and general conditions can be downloaded and viewed on the PC screen with a 4 day forecast available.  Users simply select the area where data is required by outlining the chart with the mouse.  Data can also be saved onto a standard C-Map user card and taken to a compatible plotter so that weather data can be overlaid on to the yacht’s plotter system. 

The popular range of Standard Horizon CP series chart plotters are amongst the first to support this new feature and all users require is a copy of the C-Map PC Planner and USB cartridge reader kit together with a user cartridge.  The PC Planner kit currently costs £122.95 including VAT and a user card is £33.95 including VAT.  What’s more, downloads from the system are free-of-charge and available on a global basis.  For further details visit .

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