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BMEA at the forefront of marine electronics standards

30 April 2009

meiThe first ever Basic Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) course to be run outside the USA took place on 7 and 8 April at Marine House, Egham. The successful course was run as a pilot and delivered by BMEA, and was well supported by key electronics manufacturers with delegates from both waterside dealers and manufacturers such as Hamble Marine Ltd, Garmin and Raymarine.

The event comes as a result of the formation of a newly established relationship between the British Marine Electronics Association (BMEA), a group association of the BMF, and National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). The relationship places the UK at the forefront of setting a worldwide training and installation standard within marine electronics training and certification.

The MEI program was established in 2004, and is designed to promote a high level of professional expertise in entry-level and mid-level technicians. Sarah Dhanda, Director of Business Development at BMF said on the event: “The BMF is thrilled to be able to offer the MEI course as a first in the UK. Together with BMEA, we have developed an excellent relationship with NMEA which will enable us to elevate the level of training and certification in the UK to new heights.”

An MEI qualification encourages marine electricians to further their knowledge and going forward the BMEA will require all members to have at least one qualified member of staff to retain membership. Paul Holland, BMEA Chairman said on the wider initiative:

“The BMEA has been looking at ways of improving standards, training and qualifications for marine electronic installers for a number of years. Although the examination system was a great first step, it left employers and manufacturers the tasks of defining standards and delivering training.

“The NMEA’s comprehensive installation standard is the new must have for any installation company. It has been extremely well received and ties in with a series of graduated qualifications which will ensure that staff have been well trained to promote your customer base.”

The next MEI course is to be held on 20 October in Southampton to coincide with the BMEA Annual Conference where David Hayden, President of NMEA will be speaking. Further details can be obtained by contacting the BMF training service on 01784 223630 or via the BMF website

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