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Mastervolt Adds Compact Chargemaster 1 battery Charger

18 February 2009

Mastervolt has added four new models to their ChargeMaster range of new generation fully automated battery chargers. Complementing their larger ChargeMaster 2 and 3 Series, the new Series 1 range comprises two 12 Volt and two 24V chargers that are compact, light in weight and also easy and flexible for the installer.

The chargers are suitable for all types of batteries including deep cycle or starter wet batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM), gel, spiral and Li-Ion. What’s more, they are compatible with 120V or 230V AC supplies so can work anywhere in the World! Simply plug in and charge.

Each Series 1 model has three full outputs for simultaneous charging of up to three separate batteries. Total output varies, depending on the model, from 20 Amps to 50 Amps. All four have clear, easy to understand displays showing battery content – switchable between batteries – and charging phase – bulk, absorption or float. Mastervolt’s 3-step+ charging characteristic allows the battery to be charged safely and quickly in three phases.  A temperature sensor allows fast and safe charging in any environment.  The memory function avoids overcharging, should the charger be frequently switched on and off. Three-phase charging ensures the battery is fully charged and increases the battery life.

As with other models in the ChargeMaster range, the new Series 1 is compatible with Mastervolt’s MasterView Easy, allowing the battery charger to be controlled and monitored remotely.
The ChargeMaster series uses intelligent switch mode technology with autoranging capability that automatically compensates for 50 or 60Hz supply frequency and operates with excessive or greatly reduced supply voltages.  “In many marinas,” John de Rijk, Technical Director, Mastervolt International BV explains, “the power supply is often significantly reduced by the time it reaches the end of a long chain of pontoon berths. The ChargeMaster functions even at reduced input and provides full power to the batteries.”

ChargeMaster Series 1 battery chargers can also be used with any type of generator. Using sophisticated cos-phi technology, the Series 1 chargers compensate for the generator’s out-of-phase current and voltage to produce full charging current.

The new battery chargers are easy to install to bulkheads, or can stand on the floor or even in a corner without their efficiency being impaired.  All ChargeMasters have robust cable connections that prevent corrosion or excessive heating of the contact surfaces.

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