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Have you claimed your BMF Training Grant?

23 January 2010

All BMF members are eligible to apply for an annual BMF Training Grant.  The BMF values training highly and encourages companies to make the most of training opportunities to enhance and improve skills, which in turn will lead to better results for your company.  This is especially important in today’s economic climate, when training your staff can give you the edge over your competitors.  Every BMF member company is therefore entitled to apply for training grants for training attended by employees, to help you improve your business.

There are certain criteria for applying:

•Companies with less than five employees:  You can apply for 50% of the course fee, up to the value of £500.  All training can be considered.
•Companies with more than five employees:  You can apply for 30% of the course fee, up to the value of £500.  Courses must be non-statutory, non-regulatory and not related essential qualifications that are required to meet basic operation needs.
•No company will be awarded grants in any one financial year amounting to more than £500.
A BMF training grant really does make a difference!  A certain budget is allocated for the training grant pot, which is next due to be re-stocked in the new financial year (1 July).  Therefore, don’t delay and apply for a BMF training grant today!

For further information on training grants, please contact Liv Whetmore on (01784) 223631 or e-mail:

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