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23 January 2010

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based manufacturer of premium electrical equipment, has seen a huge surge in the sales of its unique Lithium-Ion battery.  As a result, the Company has been able to develop new products within the Lithium-Ion range, and also begin to reduce the price by around 20%.

Lithium-Ion is half the weight of water, yet able to store a large amount of power, so has traditionally been used for portable electrical devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Mastervolt was the first Company to upscale the technology into a full-sized marine version, providing boat owners with a 24-volt 8-cell battery, which is three times lighter than a conventional lead acid equivalent, with three times the life cycle.

Mastervolt’s Lithium-Ion technology also represents excellent value for money. Whilst initially more than three times more expensive than an equivalent lead -acid gel battery, the Li-ion can also be discharged far deeper without damage, so is a far better long-term investment. Thanks to a highly sophisticated built-in power balancing system, it is also extremely safe and durable.

With the success of its 24-volt model, which has proved particularly popular with blue water yachtsmen and electric boat enthusiasts, Mastervolt is in the final stages of developing a 12-volt version. It is the same height and width, yet half the length of its bigger sister. The new battery will have all of the attributes of the 24-volt model, such as integrated carrying handles, shielded connection posts and neat ducting along the top, which hides away the connecting cables.  More details will be available prior to the launch in mid-2010.

“Increased production of raw Lithium, due to its wider usage, has resulted in a reduction in pricing, and therefore we are able to benefit from the economies of scale,” explained Technical Director John De Rijk, who spearheads the Mastervolt Lithium-Ion programme. “We are also able to bring new products to market, such as the smaller 12-volt battery. Boats of all types are being fitted with increasing amounts of electrical equipment, and Lithium-Ion has so much to offer in terms of huge weight savings, deep discharging without damage, and a very long life.”

Marketing Manager Marc Persoon remarked, “We have been delighted with the success of the Lithium-Ion battery. We’re working hard to develop ever more efficient equipment for the exciting world of hybrid drives and for self-sufficient power installations in general. Lithium-Ion is a key element in that research. We can now produce smaller batteries with the same unique advantages of the 24-volt model. For reliable, long-term power without a weight penalty, Lithium-Ion is definitely the marine battery of the future – and it’s now an even better investment.”

The Mastervolt 24-volt Li-Ion battery now retails at £4,600 + VAT.

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