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Tacktick launch unique ‘Airflow’ feature for high-quality wind data

10 November 2010

Traditionally the wind angle and speed measured by a masthead wind unit is subject to errors caused by the aerodynamic effects on the sails and the heel of the boat. Typically these errors are seen as false shifts in wind direction when tacking and gybing and false differences in true wind speed when flying a spinnaker. Until now these errors have been corrected by a complex and time consuming calibration process, but the new Tacktick Maxi Display offers a fast, easy to set up innovative solution to the problem.

Tacktick has made two breakthroughs in technology; firstly the sophisticated built-in correction software dramatically reduces the airflow errors for the majority of boats and secondly an intuitive one step process enables fine tuning adjustments to be entered. The combined new features result in significantly more accurate wind data at an affordable price. The Tacktick ‘Airflow’ technology has a patent pending.

Vincent Kervilor, X362 skipper and committee member of La Trinité Yacht Club has been using the new feature for some time and commented, “We’re delighted with the new Tacktick Maxi Airflow which use on our X362. It’s an invaluable feature gives us much more accurate wind data which is unaffected by tacking and gybing and enables us to react quickly to the smallest wind change.”

Tacktick’s Maxi range of instruments offer large, solar powered, wireless mast displays with sophisticated racing functions including Start Line features, Line Bias, Wind Shift and Timer functions, together with indicators for acceleration and speed trends. The addition of the advanced ‘Airflow’ feature makes these electronics an invaluable tool for tacticians wanting sophisticated, highly visible, intuitive instruments.

Tacktick’s wireless range of solar powered Maxi Displays and wireless Vertical Wind Transmitter can be retrofitted to a boat in minutes and can work beside existing instrumentation to give high tech racing data at an affordable price. The Tacktick Airflow feature is built into the Maxi T210 Display which costs £829.99 inc Vat.

For more information and full pricing information visit . The website includes a configurator function which will design the perfect wireless electronics system for your boat.

To find out more about Tacktick’s innovative Airflow feature visit the stand at Mets 03.301.

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