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Enhance Your Receiver or Transponders Performance

24 April 2011

With more and more yachts fitting AIS receivers and transponders, it makes sense to use a VHF antenna that’s up to the job.  AIS systems actually utilise a frequency of around 162 MHz whereas traditional VHF operates at 156 MHz.  The difference does not sound significant, but the use of a dedicated, tuned AIS antenna will significantly enhance performance of both receivers and transponders.

Digital Yacht has just launched the AA10 antenna which is specifically designed to operate with AIS systems.  It is a white quarter wave whip antenna which measures just 47cm.  It is designed to fit a standard, one inch GPS antenna style mounting, so it can be fitted on to the pushpit rail, mast top or wheel house roof allowing for all possible installations.  It comes complete with a 10 metre cable which is fitted with a neat solder-less connector, so that you do not have to drill a great big hole through bulk heads in the boat when running the cable. 

The AA10 antenna costs £34 plus VAT and is available from Digital Yacht. For further information please call +44 (0)117 955 4474 or email or log on to

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