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Engine Monitoring Unit launched by Actisense

5 February 2012

Actisense will soon be releasing the new EMU-1. The device is a specialised Analogue to NMEA 2000 Interface, designed to operate specifically with engines.

Working in conjunction with the UK distributor for Nanni Diesel, the device is due to be beta tested in Q1 of 2012, with a planned release in Q2, following successful tests. The intention is to keep the RRP significantly more cost-effective than any industry comparable product.

The EMU-1 will be designed to simplify the conversion of analogue engine parameters (of temperature, pressure, Tach / RPM etc.) into the corresponding NMEA 2000 engine parameter PGNs. The device has been designed to simplify processes and reduce the number of input/output wires required at each engine. The EMU-1 can handle 6 gauge / parameter inputs (these can be instead of the gauge or in parallel with the gauge), 4 alarm inputs, 2 Tach inputs and 2 additional auxiliary inputs, which are flexible to suit each installation. Most notably, the device will be backwards-compatible with older engines.

Phil Whitehurst, Managing Director of Active Research Limited said, “The EMU-1 has been designed with simplicity in mind. This will change the way analogue to NMEA data conversions are done. This product meets the rigorous demands of a marine environment and we are sure that it will become highly sought after in the trade.”

The prototype will be given its first showing by their German distributors, GMM, at the Düsseldorf Boat Show from 21st-29th January. The device is due to be more widely available toward the end of Q2 this year.

For more information about Actisense, visit and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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