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Garmin and McMurdo Ltd join forces to create a unique MOB safety feature

10 January 2012

McMurdo Ltd and Garmin have joined forces and are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, all AIS-equipped Garmin plotters will be optimised to work with the McMurdo Smartfind S10 personal AIS Beacon and the Kannad Marine SafeLink R10 Survivor Recovery System (SRS).

These innovative personal safety devices incorporate both AIS and GPS technology which, when manually activated, give precise location information to aid the recovery of persons in difficulty at sea.

The Smartfind S10 and SafeLink R10 are the must-have personal devices for all safety-conscious sailors, with the chances of being rescued greatly increased thanks to their unique ability to transmit both AIS and GPS data to the vessel the individual has come from, and to other AIS equipped vessels within a typical four mile radius. They also feature inbuilt high precision GPS receivers, which transmit target survivor information, including structured alert messages, GPS position information, and a unique serialised identity number.

This information can now be displayed on Garmin’s range of chart plotters. Not only will the correct IMO-approved icon be shown to differentiate the activated personal beacon from vessel targets, the option to navigate to the target will also be offered, treating it as a waypoint with course, speed and cross-track error displayed.
In order to maximise this new feature, a software update will be required for the majority of Garmin’s chart plotters, which can be downloaded free of charge from the ‘Marine Device Software Updates’ section of This software can be downloaded on to an SD card and simply plugged in to the plotter, which will recognise the new version of software to be added.

We feel this feature would be ideal for all boaters, especially those venturing out at night and those with young families onboard, it provides cost effective peace of mind.
To find out more about the McMurdo or Kannad Marine ranges of emergency location beacon products, please visit or

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